Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I had to work and have been sooo busy up till now, that I haven't been able to blog what I was cooking for Thanksgiving dinner. I hope you all have your dinners planned and are able to spend your Thanksgiving day with family and friends and all those you love and are thankful for. I"m so thankful for my family and friends, and that I'm blessed to live where I do and have all the necessities of life. 
My Thanksgiving day will be loaded with the usual. I"m Brine ing the Turkey , and making the Mashed potatoes from this recipe. I will also do this Green Bean Casserole , I made it last year and we loved it! It's the best Green bean casserole ever. I always do my sweet potatoes like this , I know it's easy but when it's good and that's how you've always made them why change?? I also make my gravy from the turkey juice and I cook the turkey neck in a little chicken broth , then combine the the turkey juice and the neck broth with a mixture of water and cornstarch and bring to a boil to thicken. I add a little rosemary and thyme for seasonings with salt and pepper. I use Mrs. Cubbison's dressing, I make it like the directions on the back of the box but add a little more seasoning, like Thyme, Rosemary and sage... and I cook in my crock pot. I put on high in my crock pot for 1 hour then turn down for another hour and it's perfect! YUM. 
My hubby likes the canned cranberry jelly, so I'm serving that, but I'm also trying this fresh Cranberry Raspberry sauce... thought it sounded yummo! 
These are the Rolls I will make, soooo good. I'm making Pecan Pie , Pumpkin Pie and this year I"m trying two new pies.... Cranberry Apple pie (it looked sooo good I must give it a try) and Key Lime Pie  I LOVE Key lime pie. All that should last us for the day and for a couple of days after . Enjoy
Happy Thanksgiving and Hug those you are with :)

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