Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sometimes you have to eat your words.............

I really hate admitting it when I'm wrong... or eating my words (except when it's the word spelled out in a delicious brownie) but in this case I'm afraid I need to. A few months ago I wrote a short post ranting and raving against a certain brand of cinnamon chip that you can get at a local store in my area, and boasted about how good a certain brand of cinnamon chip was that I preferred. (Hershey's to be exact) but I'm afraid I spoke too soon before really using the other kind of chips in my baking. All I had done was taste a few right out of the bag, and if you are going to do that, well then Hershey's are the best, they melt in your mouth, which means they also melt pretty fast in baking, and unless you use parchment paper, they stick to your baking pans. I made some delicious carrot cake scones on Easter Morning and used the other kind of cinnamon chips in them because I had some and needed to use them up... and they worked lovely! and I think they do have a stronger cinnamon taste than the other. Don't get me wrong... I will still use Hershey's in my cookies I think, but for breads and scones I think I will use the other. I just won't eat them right out of the bag... and that means they will last longer. :) There... I ate my words and it wasn't that bad! Have a great day!

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