Saturday, July 7, 2012

Iced Green Ginger Tea

I love Iced Tea on a hot summer day... Green Tea is good for you, and I saw an episode of Dr. Oz one afternoon where he was making all kinds of teas that were supposed to help you boost your metabolism and bust your belly fat. This recipe was found to be the best tasting by a taste tester they pulled out of the audience. It's easy to make... I made mine in a gallon container that I let sit out in the sun one really hot sunny summer day... Refreshing!!

Iced Green Ginger Tea
1 Gallon water in a clear jar or pitcher
12 green tea bags
12-1/4 inch sliced of fresh ginger

Place the tea bags and slices of ginger in the gallon of water.
Place outside in a sunny spot and let steep for hours...I think I left mine out there for about 6 hours. Or to your desired strength of tea.
Strain the tea into another pitcher and store in the refrigerator.
When ready to serve pour over ice in a glass and sweeten to your desired taste with a little sugar, truvia or sweetener of our choice. Enjoy!!

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